1. Shinkansen Bullet Train – 3 ½ – 4 hours

¥12,300 each way

From Narita Airport head to the Narita Express Train Station which is located in the basement below the airport.

Take the Narita Express train to Tokyo Central Station – around 1 – 1½ hours ( ¥3,300).

Then take the Nagano Bullet Train (Shinkansen) to Nagano – approx 1½ hours (¥7,500). The bullet trains leave Tokyo Station every twenty minutes from 6:24am through to 10:04pm.

From Nagano, you have two options – either Taxi or Bus:

  • Taxi: For people who arrive into Nagano after 10:00pm, this is your only transfer option. We can make the booking for you. All bookings must be made one week prior to travel. Approx 1 hour – ¥12,000 per taxi “average sedan size”

  • Bus: Take the “Alpico” bus from Nagano to Hakuba “Happo Information Centre” Bus Terminal (1 stop after Hakuba Station). Buses run every hour with the last bus departing Nagano 10:00pm. Buses leave from the east exit of Nagano Station from Bus Stop #6. Go to the top of the station and turn left – 1 hour ( ¥1,800). You can buy tickets at the kiosk on the ground level or if necessary and with correct change, from the dirver. Here is the timetable link.


2. Shared or Chartered Taxi: Chuo Taxi

[Estimated time and cost: 5 to 6 hours, adult: ¥ 15,900, children aged 12 and under: ¥ 11,800, children aged 6 and under: ¥ 6,100]

  • For groups of 7 adults or more, the taxi is chartered, meaning your taxi is private and there is no waiting on other passengers.

  • Groups smaller than 7 adults can secure a chartered taxi by paying the rate for 7 adults, thus ensuring that you do not need to wait on any other parties.

  • All airport pickups will incur an automatic ¥1000 fee for meet and greet.


3.  Nagano Snow Shuttle


[Estimated time and cost: 5 to 6 hours, adult: ¥ 9200, children aged 12 and under: ¥ 8200, children aged 3 and under: free with no assigned seat] Alpico Bus also has a daily bus leaving Narita Airport around 11:00 in the morning.

  • The Nagano Snow Shuttle departs Narita daily at 9:00, 12:00, 15:30 and 20:30.

  • You can arrange for a drop off in front of your Hakuba accommodation for a fee of ¥500.


4. Car: Rent a car at Narita and drive to Hakuba. [Estimated time and cost: 5 hours, cost depends on car size, but a Toyota Voxy will run you around ¥ 20,000 per day from Toyota Rent a Car]

  • Please remember that if you are coming to Hakuba in the winter time that you will need to reserve winter tyres as a special option with availability depending on the pick-up location.


1. Shinkansen + Bus: Bullet train from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station, transfer to bus from Nagano to Hakuba  (Estimated time and cost: 3 hours, ¥ 10,000)

  • Take the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Nagano Station from Tokyo or Ueno. For precise times, fares and platform numbers check with Hyperdia. For tips on reserving train tickets please read this article.

  • At Nagano Station, go to the east exit and find bus stop #26. The bus bound for Hakuba destinations leaves roughly every hour from 8:20 to 20:30 and cost ¥1800.

  • Please remember that the last departing bus to Hakuba from Nagano Station is around 20:30 and you have no public transport options to Hakuba after this time.


2. Express Train: Direct express train (Azusa 3) from Shinjuku to Hakuba. [Estimated time and cost: 4 hours, ¥ 8300]

  • Leaves daily at 7:30 from Shinjuku Station and goes directly to Hakuba Station arriving at 11:28.

  • This is also a great way to get back to Tokyo with the only direct train (no switching) leaving Hakuba at 14:37 and arriving in Shinjuku at 18:36.


3. Bus: Overall the Alpico Bus is the cheapest method of transportation Tokyo to Hakuba. [Estimated time and cost: 5 hours, ¥ 4850]

  • Without at traffic the ride is 4.5 hours with two rest stops along the way. During holidays and weekend commuting times, be prepared for delays.

  • To find the bus terminal, exit Shinjuku Station using the west exit and follow the signs or exit on the street level and cross the street and turn left, go one block and turn right. The terminal is across from Yodobashi Camera. Check out their website for precise times and fares.

4. Trains from Tokyo

¥11,200 each way

To find routes and times visit:  


1. Bus: This is how the majority of travelers get to Hakuba from Nagano Station. [Estimated time and cost: 1 hour, ¥ 1800]

  • From the east exit of Nagano Station, take the elevator on the left down to the ground floor and go to bus stop #26. Here you will find the Alpico bus bound for Hakuba destinations leaving roughly every hour from 8:20 to 20:30.

  • Please remember that the last departing bus to Hakuba from Nagano Station is around 20:30.

  • Also be aware that you cannot reserve the bus and that usually if the bus is full they are able to put another one into service on short notice.

  • It is best to get off the bus at the Happo Information Centre (also called the Happo Bus Terminal) as this bus stop is centrally located, has an English speaking help desk, international ATM, free Wifi, coffeeshop, bathrooms and indoor waiting area.

2. Chartered Taxi: Another alternative is a chartered jumbo taxi. Chuo Taxi is the only taxi company offering this service and it is often booked out. [Estimated time and cost: 1 hour, ¥ 15,880 per jumbo taxi]

  • It is recommended that you reserve this service way in advance as it was near impossible to secure a booking last season.