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Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. Snow Japan Investment Group GK (Zen Chalets) and it’s services are governed by the Laws of Japan. Foreign laws cannot be applied to the provision of services. All guests of Zen Chalets are therefore accountable under Japanese Law. Any disputes, complaints or proceedings will be carried out under the governance of Japanese Law.

  2. Payment of the deposit or any payment via a third party booking agent, or online travel agent sanctions agreement with these Terms and Conditions as stated herein.

  3. Any other services that are arranged by Zen Chalets are to be paid in addition to the accommodation services. These include airport transfers, other services, additional housekeeping.

  4. Guests are responsible for the behaviour of his, her or their group at Zen Chalets. Guests must ensure that no noise or nuisance is caused either for Zen Chalets or its other guests and neighbours. The Guest must comply with any reasonable request of Zen Chalets staff and with any policies of Zen Chalets as may apply to the Services from time to time. Respect and preserve the residential amenity of the property. Refrain from engaging in any drunken, obscene or antisocial behaviour.

  5. A security bond autherisation/hold of ¥100,000 is required for each booking. This is to be finalised before check in date. Visa, Mastercard and AMEX are the only accepted forms of payment.

  6. Zen Chalets reserves the right to withdraw from the security bond monies in case of any damage, theft or breakage to any property, equipment, furniture or furnishings incurred by the guests during their stay. Fees may also be withdrawn from the security bond for excess cleaning, lost keys, rubbish sorting and smoking inside the property.

  7. Zen Chalets Hakuba reserves the right to change or cancel your accommodation or entire booking at any time and without notice. 

  8. As a matter of safety, walking paths will be indicated by Zen Chalets around the cabins to access the properties. It is the guest’s responsibility to be aware of these paths and pay particular attention to snow shedding from rooves of the cabins, chalets and neighbouring properties. Zen Chalets accepts no responsibility for any injury or death arising from snow related accidents around the properties.

  9. Parking if available outside each property at Zen Chalets. Parking is at the owners risk. Zen Chalets are located at the bottom of a steep road. All guests are responsible for their own safety whilst driving in Hakuba and to and from Zen Chalets. All guests are responsible for checking the road conditions, driving in a safe manner and for ensuring their vehicle is always properly equipped for driving in the snow. This includes 4WD and snow tires. Japanese Law has a zero tolerance on drink driving. The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.00. Each guest of Zen Chalets if driving is obliged to follow the local laws in regards to driving. Owners may be asked to move their vehicles each morning and evening to allow the roads and properties to be cleared of snow.

  10. The property and grounds are to be left in a clean and tidy condition. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure all dishes, glasses, pots and pans etc. are washed and put back into cupboards, all rubbish to be removed from property and placed in appropriate rubbish bins. The furniture must be placed back in its original position. Failure to do so will incur a charge for extra cleaning which will be deducted from your security bond. Extra cleaning will be charged and calculated on the number of hours required over and above the regular cleaning duration.

  11. For the convenience and safety of all guests, Zen Chalets is strictly non-smoking. Guests who smoke in their property will be asked to leave, will be charged a ¥50,000 fee for dry-cleaning of soft furnishings from the room and may be charged for loss of income caused by the need to extensively ventilate the room before the next letting. We reserve the right to add these costs to a guest’s account after departure. In the case of credit or debit card bookings, the card of the person or agent responsible for the booking will be debited with the costs unless other payment methods are offered and approved.

  12. Zen Chalets have some pet friendly properties. All pets must be pre-approved by the owners prior to booking confirmation and an additional surcharge applies as well as a pet bond.

  13. Please be aware that for those guests with allergies to dogs and cats, Zen Chalets is a pet friendly property. Whilst we ensure each property is cleaned thoroughly at check out we cannot guarantee the property to be completely free from pet hair. Zen Chalets is not responsible for any allergic reactions as a result of pet allergies. 

  14. No more than three non-guest visitors in Zen Chalets at any one time. No one other than registered guests to be in the property after 10pm or overnight.

  15. No shoes are to be worn inside Zen Chalets. Fees will be deducted from a guest security deposit if shoes, ski boots or snowboard boots are worn inside.

  16. Recycling is a very important matter in Japan. Rubbish must be sorted into 3 bins – general rubbish, PET & glass bottles, and cans. In particular, PET wrappers and lids must be removed. If rubbish is found not to be sorted correctly a ¥20,000 sorting fee will be charged.

  17. The registered guest will be held financially responsible for any loss or damage caused during his/her stay or anyone invited to the property by the guest.

  18. Zen Chalets is obliged to maintain all licences, certificates and insurances to provide accommodation services to guests in Japan.

  19. Charge for services to you, not billed at the time of your departure, may be added to your account for settlement as arranged or may be charged to the same credit card used to pay the account at the time of departure or to the credit card used as the security deposit.

  20. Check in is 3pm on the date shown on your arrival. Checkout time is 10.00 am on the date shown for your departure unless otherwise agreed. Please be aware that if you do not check out by 10am a late checkout fee of ¥20,000 will be deducted from your bond unless agreed in advance with the agent. Subject to availability, a late check out may be arranged on arrival only through our office.

  21. Guests are provided with 2 keys and must return the keys for the room at the time of your departure and agree to pay ¥5000 each for the replacement of keys you lose or fail to return.

  22. Any monies or other valuables, goods or vehicles that belong to you, brought in or on to the rooms, grounds or car-park remain your responsibility and we are not responsible for their safekeeping.

  23. Cancellation policy: We understand that sometimes plans change, and we want to make sure our cancellation policy reflects both your needs and our business interests. We require a non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation. Final balance payment is due 60 days prior to check-in. Non-payment of the balance payment will be deemed a "No Show". No Show's are not eligible for future credits. 

  24. Date changes are possible across all bookings (availability dependent and there may be a change in rates applicable).

  25. If any items are left at the property after your stay there will be a ¥2000 fee for packaging and staff time. All items will be mailed back to you COD. 

  26. If a staff member is called out (for example a noise complaint, key issue) a ¥10,000 callout fee will be incurred by the guest which is payable before check out or will be deducted from the bond. Call outs after 9.30pm will incur a ¥20,000 call out fee. All guests are to maintain the security of the property at all times.

  27. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied or choose to depart prior to your departure date, we do not refund accommodation costs either in full or part thereof. No provision can or will be made for relocation if accommodation is deemed unsatisfactory on arrival other than on the basis that the full rental paid be forfeited and full rental on new premises is paid prior to occupancy. Guests cannot be relocated. We are careful not to misrepresent any property.

  28. In the event the property is offered for sale, the guest agrees to allow the owner or the agent to inspect the property with prospective purchasers, provided that reasonable notice of an appointment is given. Zen Chalets accepts no liability should a property be sold and the booking cancelled. In this event all reasonable endeavours to find alternative accommodation will be made by the Zen Chalets.

  29. During your stay, a staff member from Zen Chalets may require access to the property to carry out an inspection for maintenance, or for a sales inspection. We will give prior notice and arrange a suitable time for you. If this inspection is required it cannot be refused.

  30. There are no guarantees as to the weather or skiing conditions. If, at any time, the conditions are unfavourable Zen Chalets will not be held responsible and any changes in travel plans are at the guest’s discretion and no refunds will be offered.

  31. Refusal to comply with these rules will lead to a guest being asked to leave the property and no refund will be provided.

  32. Zen Chalets reserves the right to alter, cancel or change any of these Terms and Conditions as a result to changes in the market, changes in Legislation, or the requirements of property owners, at any time without notice. 

  33. A copy of these Terms and Conditions can be provided at any time by email to or by viewing them online at

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